What We Offer

The analysts at MA have a 20 year+ proven track record in analysing matchfixing, particularly in the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Champions League. We offer consultancy to clubs and betting companies to enable them to manage this problem.

We offer unique solutions – market analyses, corruption forensics, pre-match and in-play analytics, transfer market sabermetrics.

We are :

  • Grey hat analysts and leech consultants in the global football industry.
  • a think tank of data analysts and forensic scientists.
  • prime timeline strategists.

We surf ambiguously, deceptively and seemlessly between black, grey and white markets in monitoring the atmospherics.

We reveal systemic fraud, conspiratorial edifices, matchfixing, market abuses, fragmented cartels, structural biases.

We build strategic defence matrices and provide market intelligence and instant multi-input analyses of all industry and market breakpoints.

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