Case Study #6

Our current primary project relates to MOBGATE – a systemic corruption template underpinning the English Premier League (EPL) and, to a lesser extent, the Championship. Our Chinese backers, our cellular network and a group of other parties interested in integrity in the game have been working on this matchfixing and corruption scandal for 7 years.

We have revealed numerous matchfixing events in the EPL, we have evidence that five EPL clubs regularly take huge positions on their matches in fringe betting markets working together as a fragmented cartel of corruption, we have shown several examples of referees showing statistically significant bias in favour of chosen clubs (or vice versa), we have shown bias in the selection of players for the England national teams, we revealed the accommodating nature of a leading bookmaker to accepting insider trading for proprietary gain, we have shown betting patterns and other incriminating data linking systemic corruption entities to the markets and we have proved the existence of a calciopoli-like structure involving a leading football agent, the sole individual who selects referees for EPL games and one Select Group referee. One person was sacked and another internally disciplined as a result of our exposé as the English football hierarchy sought to keep a lid on MOBGATE with the acquiescence of a non-functioning 4th Estate media.

This research is ongoing with negotiations currently being held with two major bodies from the worlds of football and publishing. Consequently, we are both unable and unwilling to offer consultancy work in the English game. We are willing to discuss our evidences with policing bodies however.