Case Study #5

We have been approached by numerous agents over the years relating to our Holistic Sabermetrics service – this values players not just on the fundamentals that are utilised by  run-of-the-mill operations but also takes into account an array of factors relating to the criminalisation of football as well as other more laterally thought inputs into the valuation process.

We are selective about our working partners as, in our experience, many agents act as a lubrication of corruption in the sport. However, we have worked with one club on and off over the last five years providing holistic valuations of potential transfer targets.

The transfer market is highly inefficient – Michael Owen wasn’t worth £17m when he transferred from Real Madrid B to Newcastle and Gareth Bale was not worth £80m when he moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid. In both these cases, the buying club overpaid due to a combination of poor evaluation analyses and an atmosphere of media hype.

But Holistic Sabermetrics values players entirely holistically. If a forward plays alongside a frequently non-trying colleague or if defenders play in front of a rogue goalkeeper, how should their real transfer values be assessed? Or how does one incorporate matchfixing outcomes into the valuation process? Even more complex, how do a team that are systemically favoured or punished by a league have their players valued in the marketplace?

Holistic Sabermetrics provides a complete transfer valuation to the benefit of our clients.