Case Study #3

We worked with both an Australian trading operation and a European bookmaker in a two-tiered fashion. The first related to intermarket analyses between South East Asian and other market epicentres, and the second addressed the creation of market edge by utilising configurative analyses and real-time assessments of overall market structure and corrupted events.

At the time of the consultancies, South East Asian control of European markets was absolute and the strategies undertaken by the Asian underground to disguise market stances were intricate. By the end of the European consultancy (which lasted over a decade), we had incorporated Dark Pool operations in both Europe and Asia into our intermarket modelling. The Australian trading operation now form a part of our global cellular network.

With our second role, there was a duality to our aims – to detect matchfixing, insider trading operations or market sting strategies earlier than competitors in the marketplace. This allowed the trading operation/bookmaker to take defensive and/or assertive strategies to take the lead in the race for information on matches thereby increasing profits. Additionally we provided the most complete and accurate assessment of all fundamentals impacting upon the market price as, in the mid-nineties, the South East Asian markets were markedly more efficient than the European ones.

Nobody else offered a similar service until around 2005 – we were ten years ahead of our time – and our analyses still penetrate two levels further in market depth compared with the competition.