Case Study #2

We have worked with two European teams to enhance their chances of i) qualifying for Champions League group phase, and ii) improving probabilities of reaching the Champions Leage Round of 16 (only one of these contracts came to fruition as the other team clearly have integrity issues on their own account).

The UEFA Champions League is a branded event i.e. there are certain teams who must progress to certain stages of the competition to optimise revenue streams related to media, advertising and brand visibility. Lesser teams must utilise state of the art analyses to maximise their own chances of progression to the limited available slots past the barriers of exponential financial return.

For each qualifying round, a war room of strategy is developed to enable every possible edge to be gained for the team in the two-legged ties. Once group stage was achieved, a clear strategic plan was drawn up for the entire campaign both in the long term and on a match-by-match basis. Every fundamental or configurative input is addressed as well as the nefarious roles of the gobal betting markets and psychological and corruption forensics relating to match officials and opponents’ players.

We report to the chief executive who disseminates the relevant information to the specific parties. The contract was initially for one year but has been extended to two with real-time inputs to database maintenance and match evaluations to continue thereafter.