Case Study #1

We worked alongside a leading G14 European team in the development of an App for their playing staff. Each player receives a pre-match evaluation of opponents – weaknesses, strengths, issues of integrity and playing role within the team under different formations. Additionally, players are also shown information relating to referee corruption and psychology, insider trading and matchfixing operations active in the global markets on the match and the trading imperatives of schweintruppe.

Our input relates to corruption forensics and the integration of criminalised configurations into overall analyses of opponents. This role is consolidated pre-match and then continues when the match is in motion allowing all squad players to be updated on the state of play at half-time. The databases within the App are updated in real-time and allow holistic coverage of matches in the national league, Champions League and Europa League.

This high level consultancy was a 12 month contract with continued input on a game-by-game basis.